Success stories

In this section we are showcasing our achievements and successes categorised into two areas: Videos and Case Studies. Please use the Menu on the right hand side to navigate amongst some of our great accomplishments.

The Case Studies are the outcomes of collaborations between Brunel students (both undergraduate and postgraduate level) and external partners and businesses.

An important and original feature of the Co-Innovate Ecosystem is the utilisation of, and mutual benefit of providing, a number of formats for collaborative projects between students and beneficiary SMEs. During the Co-Innovate (2012-15) programme 243 students carried out project work with SMEs.  This provided tangible academic and professional benefits to the students involved, together with meeting needs of the companies involved. Typical projects are linked to undergraduate final year projects, which represents approx. 400 hrs of individual study time, and postgraduate dissertation projects representing 600 hrs.

The Videos were done at our different events eg Co-Innovate workshop, Made in Brunel student exhibition.

With our new project, Co-Innovate Journeys we will engage 240 SMEs creating 120 collaborative ventures.